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Kassel does not only offer many opportunities to nature and art lover to become acquainted with “new things”!

In the year 913 the city of Kassel was mentioned for the first time in a document. However Kassel was at that time still known under the name “Chassella”, a royal residence under king Konrad I .. Thus also our house received its name. 

Schloss WilhelmshöheAlready in the year 1137 the monastery “white stone” is created in the Habichtswald. This is today’s location of Castle Wilhelmshöhe that was already constructed in its basics in 1466 and was finished in its current form in 1786-1803 by land count Wilhelm IX., who was then renamed in elector William I. The surrounding mountain park is not only the most beautiful by its rose splendour but also the largest of its kind in Germany. 

LöwenburgApproximately at the same time as the castle, also the lion castle,Wasserfälleintended as a ruin, as well as the waterfalls which can be seen this very day from April – October each Wednesday and Sunday in the context of the Watergames are developed. In 1807 the royal family was driven to exile by troops of Napoleon for six years and Napoleon’s brother king Jérôme became a regent of the “French” capital. 

HerkulesThe landmark of Kassel, the octagon with its Herkules consisting of copper plates, was put up in Kassel in 1713. In 1779 the first public museum of the continent, the Fridericianum, opened its gates. Still today, the Fridericianum is a highly popular place of issue, particularly during the Documenta which has taken place in an interval of five years since 1955. In addition, Kassel has gained reputation as “capital” of the German fairy tale route from Hanau to Bremen and annually attracts thousands of tourists.

Let yourself be surprised by what Kassel has to offer.

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